factrac products are designed to help increase productivity and eliminate downtime on your production lines.  Real-time visual results along with data streaming and instant text/email notifications will allow you to make sure your lines are running efficiently and help improve process efficiencies.

Display real-time visual metrics at the production line, stream data, capture data, display plant wide view of all production lines

Edge (24 preloaded displays to choose from - connect to any HDTV)

Edge PLUS (7 templates to choose from to create your own display)

Edge-7 (Built-in 7" touchscreen)

Edge-7 PLUS (Built-in 7" touchscreen)

CSV (Collect the data from up to 16 Edge devices and create CSV files)

Scoreboard (Display multiple displays on one centralized screen)

Dashboard (Graphic display of data)

Production line monitoring with visual/audible alerts and text/email notification

iMAAX (monitor up to 8 inputs, trigger up to 8 outputs, and send text/email notifications)

iMAAX Mini (monitor up to 2 inputs and send text/email notifications)

Counters and timers for real-time display at the production line with visual/audible alerts

Total Counter and Rate (Display Total Count, Rate, or Both)

Total Counter and Batch Counter (Display Total and Batch Counts, and trigger outputs)

Dynamic Timer (Auto-resetting timer display with output trigger)

Static Timer (Manual reset timer display with output trigger)

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