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Factrac brought to market the product that many companies were looking for and at the right price.  Sure, there are other products on the market that can display a row of numbers, or two rows of numbers but what we provide is the perfect solution to boost your productivity at around the same low cost of a digital number display. 


Instant Production Feedback!  Know your numbers at a glance; Actual Count and Rate vs. Target Count and Rate, Count and Rate Percent, Current and Total Down Time, Current and Total Run Time, Waste and so much more.

The all-new iMAAX Event Manager allows you to maximize operation efficiencies proactively by intelligently monitoring, alerting, and taking action.  Monitor events throughout your facility and manage them proactively by sending text messages and emails. 


Keep your vendors notified when you need more product, keep your maintenance team notified when a machine needs scheduled maintenance or service, and so much more.