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Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is the return policy?

    • Please see our Return Policy page for detailed information on the Output Technology return policy.


  • Do you offer a warranty on your products?

    • Please see our warranty page for detailed information on the Output Technology Inc warranty policy.


General Questions

  • What is required to get started with a SmartCount™ Edge?

    • SmartCount™ Edge is easy to deploy and can be setup in minutes. All you need is a SmartCount™ Edge, Input Sensor or Pulse from System, HDMI TV or Touch screen, and mouse (if TV).​  View What is SmartCount

  • Why are there so many screen choices for SmartCount™ Edge?

    • SmartCount™ Edge is a plug and play system which requires no time consuming and expensive programming like other systems that provide less and cost 5 to 10 times as much.  SmartCount™ Edge is used in virtually every possible production environment, and different product environments require different production information. To make it easier on you, our customer, we provide you with all 23 of our screen displays. Simply choose which display you want and feel free to change it at any time!

  • What is the viewing distance of a SmartCount™ Edge display?

    • With its HDMI output, you decide what screen size is right for your application. Screens any where from 7" to 150" have been used, and some SmartCount™ Edge users have even connected to projectors for screens up to 200 inches across.

  • Will my SmartCount™ Edge work with a PC monitor?

    • SmartCount™ Edge is manufactured to work solely with TV or Touch screens with HDMI inputs (no converters) and will not function properly with a PC monitor.

  • Is it difficult to configure a SmartCount™ Edge for my goals?

    • Configuring your SmartCount™ Edge is very easy. After choosing the SmartCount™ Edge screen display best suited for your needs, simply enter the desired information on the Settings Menu and start tracking your operations!​

  • What can I use for an input device?

    • SmartCount™ Edge requires a discreet NPN signal through an M12 A-coded port, 4 wire, 12VDC. For your convenience and easy installation, we offer various input options. Learn more about our available input options on our Input/Sensor Options page, or more about the M12-A input specifications on our Technical Documents page.

  •  SmartCount™ Edge has two M12-A ports, which do I use?

    • Most SC screen displays use one sensor plugged into Input 1.

    • Input 1 is the one nearest to the top of the SmartCount™ Edge.

    • Some screen display use 2 sensors and these are plugged into both Inputs.  

  • I'm having trouble with my SmartCount™ Edge. What should I do?

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