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Input Options

Inputs for ProLine are PNP 4-wire M12A.

Inputs can be provided by factrac or you can supply your own.


Select up to two inputs per SmartCount Edge and up to 8 per iMAAX/RIO.  For your convenience, we offer a variety of compatible sensors, push-buttons, foot pedals, encoders, and cables that you may add-on to your SmartCount™ Edge or iMAAX/RIO purchase. 

PNP Inputs for ProLine
RR sensor.jpg

PL-TSA0 - 3 meter cable only (no sensor)

(M-12 leaded w/ flying leads)

PL-TSA1 PNP Diffuse - 6" adjustable

sense range

PL-TSA2 PNP Retroreflective - 3' sense range

w/ reflective tape strip 

Prox Sensor.jpg

FT-TSA4 - PNP Inductive proximity sensor

mini limit switch_edited.jpg

PL-TSA8 - Mini Limit switch - Includes

360-degree spring lever and 3m (10') cable.

10ft patch cable.jpg

FT-TSC03 - 3m (10') Patch Cable

10ft patch cable.jpg

FT-TSC30S - 30m (100') Patch Cable


FT-TSA5 - Hand activated push button enclosure (Does not include patch cable.  Select length below) 


PL-TSA - Universal Sensor Mount for ProLine TRC and DT

FT-TSA6 - Foot activated foot pedal  (Does not include patch cable.  Select length below)

Loc-line Mount - Transparent (1).png

FT-TSA - Universal Sensor Mount for ProLine BC

10ft patch cable.jpg
10ft patch cable.jpg

FT-TSC10S - 10m (30') Patch Cable

FT-TSC15S - 15m (50') Patch Cable



Signal Splitter

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